5 Reasons Sailing is the Best Sport

US_Sailing_Team1There are many sports available to play. But one stands out from the rest. One sport teaches independence, is physically challenging, demands endurance, and rewards strategy and ingenuity. That sport is sailing. Here are the top five reasons sailing is the best sport.

Sailing Teaches Independence

On the water, sailing a boat by yourself, there is no help. A solo sailor must accomplish everything. Steering, strategy, adjusting sails, and fixing any problems like tangled lines or sails all fall on the sailor. Few other sports teach participants this level of independence.

Sailing Increases Endurance

Sailing looks easy but hours upon hours of holding tight lines and manipulating a heavy tiller demands physical fitness. There is no break, if a sailor stops, the boat stops. Physical exertion over long periods of time develops endurance among sailors which is a great attribute and is applicable in many other areas of life.

Sailing Teaches Appreciation for Nature

Few sports bring athletes closer to nature than sailing. In fact, one could argue that sailing is entirely about coexisting with nature. A sailor is wholly reliant on wind and currents for success. To succeed a sailor must understand and appreciate the forces of nature present on the water. Few other sports teach what sailing does.

Sailing is a Skill for Life

Kicking or a ball is fun but past a certain age the value of the skill diminishes. Sailing teaches skills which can be used for the rest of a sailor’s life. Beyond the skills attained when on the water, sailing teaches navigation and reading the weather. Both are useful in many other pursuits.

Sailing is both Social and Individual

Sailing can be a solo sport or a team sport. Solo sailing allows for self-reliance and challenges sailors in a personal way. Team sailing builds camaraderie and social skills, forcing sailors to thrive in leadership and team building. Both are important to the development of young people and both are found in the sport of sailing.

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