Sailing is a part of human history, Developed out of necessity, sailing was a primary means of transportation for early civilizations. Later, sailing became the mode of transportation used to explore the world and open trade across great distances. In times of peace, fleets of merchants crossed the oceans of the world bringing the exchange of ideas to different cultures. In times of war, great armadas decided the fate of continents. Our website includes articles on the history of sailing and the importance of sailing in the development of modern society and culture.

Today, sailing is an amazing sport, practiced by many. National and world sailing federations host races, run developmental programs, and teach sailing to thousands upon thousands of people across the world. Our site reports on the activities of these federations and publicizes the programs they support. Useful information on amateur sailboat racing, national racing events and Olympic sailboat racing can be found on our pages.

We believe that sailing is a great skill to teach your children, or learn yourself. As such, our website includes information about how to learn to sail, basic sailing skills and the best equipment to use as a beginning sailor or as an advanced mariner. Information for improving as a sailor can be found on every page. We invite discussion about your own experiences and recommendations in order to share the best information about sailing with all of our visitors.

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